Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Take Care of Cats Angora

Angora cat is one of the many types of ornamental cats kept in the country. Because the type of cat that this one has unique characteristics that distinguish the types of other cats in general. Angora cat has a thick fur with nature spoiled. Besides idu nose of types Angora cat is also more pug. By differentiating makes Angora cat looks more cute and adorable.

No wonder that many people who intend to keep it at home. To maintain the animals are cute and adorable. On this occasion will be discussed on how just how to care for Angora cat is good and right. Well just for you who plan to maintain Angora cat, see the discussion below!

Here's How to Take Care of Cats Angora


How to care for the Angora cat first is by paying attention to the food they consume. For those of you who want to care for Angora cats, then you can give to the dry food that is devoted to cats. This is because the Angora cat is not accustomed to the kind of food eaten by cats in general, such types of fried fish. Providing food carelessly in cats can interfere with the growth of cat fur. To schedule a feed, you can give it at least 3 times a day. Also do not forget to clean the container where to eat the cat, to avoid bacterial germs that stick.

Providing Drinking

How to care for the next Angora cat is to give it a drink. In addition to giving special cereal cat food, you also need to give it a drink. Cats like other living creatures mmbutuhkan water to drink. Give the cat a white water that has been cooked. As described above, to the container where the drink do not forget to always clean the same when you clean the cat cages. It is useful to avoid bacteria or fungi that accumulate.

Maintain Hygiene Cages

How to care for the next Angora cat is to keep cleaning the cage. Cleaning the cage is also a top priority to keep in mind for those who will maintain Angora cat. This is because maintaining the cleanliness of the cage can prevent different kinds of bacteria or viruses that can make Angora cat sick. Well for that seek to maintain the cleanliness of the cage to clean it first times a day with food and drink to replace the cat. Do not forget to clean the places to eat and drink cat.

For the problem of cage materials, you can choose a cage made of aluminum which aims to avoid rusting and bars of aluminum has better air circulation. When cleaning cat cages, do not forget also to spray disinfectant.

Make Vaccination

How to care for the next Angora cat is to vaccinate the cat. Just as people who need the vaccine to increase immunity against some diseases, Angora cats also need vaccinations. For the vaccination process, you can take him to the vet in Your City. For the vaccination process can be done 3 times the process of vaccination.

bathing Cats

How to care for the last Angora cat in this discussion is the process of bathing the cat. Bathing the cat that aims to eliminate fleas on cats and maintaining personal hygiene cat. To bathe your cat can use a special shampoo for cats and special powder for cats.


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